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Zaan Shiree Gold mine

The Tuv Zaan Shiree gold, silver, zinc, and lead ore deposit is located in Khentii province’s Bayankhutag soum and Sukhbaatar province’s Munkhkhaan soum. The deposit is located 420 kilometers east of Ulaanbaatar, 55 kilometers southeast of Khentii province’s Bayankhutag soum Center, and 46 kilometers northwest of Sukhbaatar province’s Munkhkhaan soum Center, 68 kilometers southeast of Chinggis City, and 144 kilometers northwest of Baruun-Urt City.

The licensed mine by
Mongolian Government

On July 24, 2018, The Blackmount Mining (a Mongolian cooperating company of Trust Agency Co., Ltd.) received the mining area with license MV-021108 from KH, results a total area of 1791.39 hectares.

Potential of Zaan Shiree Deposit

Potential of
Zaan Shiree Deposit

According to the findings of exploration work conducted in the “Tuv Zaan Shiree” area in 2018, there are 3.4 tons of gold, 150.3 tons of silver, 101.2 thousand tons of zinc, and 28.4 thousand tons of lead were recorded in 52.7 million tons of ore reserves for national registration. The mine’s annual capacity is 800,000 tons, and its resources will be used for the next 7 years. The project will generate 166 to 172 jobs at the open pit mine and bring MNT 37 billion into the local economy.